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About Johnholio

I am a 30 something gamer raised on Star Wars, Ecto Cooler, and brutal NES and PC games. I currently reside in the great state of Colorado in the USA. I am an avid gardener, wake and snow boarder, and gamer. I am currently streaming almost every morning a series called Coffee and Duels. Come check it out!


Johnholio's Decklist

Mono Colors
Allied Colors (2-color)
Enemy Colors (2-color)
Shards (3-color)
Wedges (3-color)
Nephalem (4-Color)
Card Name

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Steam Showdown: Trials of Amonkhet
Magic Duels XBOX ONE Fight Club: Trials of Amonkhet
Haunted Flower

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Magic Duels Organized Play Steam Group

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